Lighting up the Dark: Shamel Pitts and TRIBE Residency at the Light Box

Shamel Pitts A Touch of RED DSC0379

Collaborate to create. That’s the center of our latest story on powerful dancemaker Shamel Pitts, whose riveting new work with his innovative AfroFuturist collective TRIBE has been commissioned by Miami Light Project and YoungArts. Our resident writer Jordan Levin visits with Shamel and his TRIBE co-creators during their recent residency at The Light Box, to explore how coming together empowers Shamel’s singular vision.

Carla Forte & Alexey Taran: Life as Improv

Carla Forte and Alexey Taran 01

Improvisation is not only at the heart of artist couple Carla Forte and Alexey Taran’s work, but how they live. They’ve hopscotched from Cuba to Venezuela to New York to Europe to Miami, always looking for new ways to create, live and stay true to what they love.

Teo Castellanos: Changing Lives and Telling Miami’s Story

Teo Castellanos Third Trinity

Theater artist Teo Castellanos has always been driven by two missions: to make original theater that speaks to and for Miami, and empowers the community – particularly those who are black, brown, poor, or otherwise excluded from social power.