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ScreenDance Miami: 2022 Special Edition

June 9, 2022 8 pm

Miami Light Project’s ScreenDance Miami Special Edition celebrates the best of dance on film from South Florida!

GOOD ENOUGH (2021) Director & Choreographer Rudi Goblen

Drawing from a bank of human emotions, fears, and questions while casting a blend of movement and gestures—GOOD ENOUGH explores the complex journey to self-love, vulnerability, acceptance and the lack thereof.

Control Remoto (2020) Director & Choreographer Liony Garcia

A video performance that plays with the idea of liberating oneself from restraint by cutting loose, it presents the day-to-day monotony of quarantine and juxtaposes that repetitiveness with the fantasy of escapism.

Such Rooted Things (2021) Director & Choreographer Dale Andree

This film is an exploration of physical connections to our bodies, the natural world, and each other as women from different generations, cultures, and communities. The rooted structure of the mangroves becomes a metaphor for the power of community, and the question: What will you miss when Miami is gone?

Malafama (2020) Director & Choreographer Roxana Barba

The work is a tender ode to inspire inner strength, solidarity and unity. Collaborators include cinematographer Claudio Marcotulli, singer & songwriter Jazmin Solar and visual artist Aurora Molina, whose soft sculptures connect in a playful dance.

Piel Fiel (2020) Choreographer Rosie Herrera & Filmmaker Randy Valdes

A meditative journey that explores the connections between our sensations and our spirituality.

Gumbo Limbo Becoming (2020) Director Liliet Reyes, Lead Choreographer Hannah Baumgarten, Assistant Choreographer Anthony Velazquez

Into the Wild/Gumbo Limbo Becoming investigates one man’s journey from discontent to sanctuary as he struggles with the constraints of modern life. Alone and uncomfortable he sheds his dissonant quotidian identity, ultimately allowing the forces of nature to draw him into the harmony of nature.

TEEN (2020) Directors & Choreographers Kayla Castellon & Patricia Suarez

A short film exploring space for possibility and play. The work embodies the heightened feelings of joy in togetherness alongside isolation and the weight of adolescence. This particular dichotomy proves to be effervescent and is, in this circumstance, highlighted through the lens of teens.

Marooned (2021) Director & Choreographer Hattie Mae Williams

A society forced into confinement; What are the consequences of detachment? What happens to an individual who is confronted with nothing but time alone? Exploring the parallel between the physical walls that surround us and the subconscious walls that inevitably emerge. Marooned probes connections between technology, isolation, self-fulfillment, and escape.

PLUR (2021) Director & Choreographer Maya Billig, Director Enrique Villacreses

PLUR stands for peace love unity and respect.

Femme (2021) Director & Choreographer Carla Forte

Femme is focused on and inspired by Latin American women in South Florida who in some ways have felt oppressed by their social circumstances.

HOW TO: Oh, look at me (2021) Director GeoVanna Gonzalez, Choreographer Alondra Balbuena & Cheina Ramos

HOW TO: Oh, look at me features four femmes of color – two dancers and two poets – interact with one another through words and movement, seeking reprieve from the constructs of our current reality. Revolving around a deconstructed playground, an installation designed by director and multidisciplinary artist GeoVanna Gonzalez.

Car Park (2021) Director Amadeus McCaskil, Choreographer Sky Bison

After a long day at work, a young woman is stranded in the parking lot with a dead car battery. Left with nothing but her thoughts to pass the time, she dances away the day’s frustration.

VR FILM – Using Oculus Headset

5 Stages of Drowning (2021) Director & Choreographer Rosie Herrera, Directors Ed Talavera, Dia Kontaxis & Dennis Scholl

A Virtual Reality experience that explores climate change and the climate gap in Miami through dance. Designed and choreographed on location in Little Haiti, East Little Havana/ Miami River and Virginia Key.