Positive Vibration Nation

April 10, 2024

By Sol Ruiz

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It is Miami, year 3050, a city of shadows and submerged dreams.  Once a vibrant metropolis bathed in the glow of the sun, now shrouded by darkness, the consequences of the scorching heat and technological domination that took over the world.  During the day, temperatures can reach 200 degrees above the water, so people have to come up with alternatives to stay alive.  The solution was building a city below the water.   The streets once filled with the lively rhythms of salsa and the laughter of beachgoers, are now taken over by AI.  Nothing is real, it is all virtual.  The once genuine human experience has been eradicated, and reality has been wrapped in artificial intelligence.  In this world, interactions are made by hyper intelligent computing systems that create the illusion of being connected.  Social exchange is a calculated rhythm that AI designs upon algorithms.  The essence of personal connection is replaced by machines.  The city taken over by technology and under water because of the relentless rise in temperature has forced the inhabitants of Miami to retreat into the depths of the ocean into underwater bubbles called Aquaspheres.

During the night is the only time people can navigate above the water because of the heat.  The Aquashperes, serve as the last source for humanity to reclaim a connection with the surface and the sun.  Skyscrapers now submerged beneath the waves, their windows dimly glowing in the dark waters.  Bioluminescent sea creatures light up underwater.   Neon colored fish dance and create an ethereal ballet of lights.  People drive sleek underwater vehicles, their paths illuminated by the soft glow of holographic displays.  The survivors adapted to their new environment, using advanced technology to create a semblance of the life they once knew. Bioengineered coral reefs serve as both protective barriers and sources of sustenance, filtering the water and providing nourishment. Massive hydroponic farms float on the surface, harnessing the power of the sun to grow food in a controlled environment.  At the heart of this submerged city is a massive dome that shields the inhabitants from the oppressive heat above. Inside, a network of tunnels and chambers connect the various districts of the city. The smart dome regulates temperatures, oxygen levels, and even simulates the sensation of sunlight for the citizens.  Despite the advanced technology that allowed them to survive, the people of Miami in 3050 felt a yearning for the warmth of the sun and the touch of a breeze.  In the darkest corners of the city, there was Sol.

Scene opens:

Sol reaches for her “NueraSync”, a sleek purple majestic futuristic helmet and a midi-controller that reads her thoughts. The helmet is a masterpiece of neural interface design that makes the connection between the user’s consciousness and the digital realms, reading thoughts and making predictions based on algorithms.  With the NeuraSync engaged, Sol’s thoughts become commands, unlocking a virtual realm where she can navigate the past, confront the warnings of the future, and shape her destiny in augmented reality.

A restless Sol, felt an undeniable yearning for something more profound. She felt lost and detached from the world around her.  She could not connect to her heart.  She wants to listen to her thoughts but there is too much artificial noise.   The Aquashpere, despite its beauty and innovation, feels fake and plastic.  The shimmering bubbles make her feel detached from who she really is. She stood in the slightly dimmed chamber, her eyes drawn to the flickering projector in the back that reads her thoughts.  Haunting images unfold on the screen, a dystopian prophecy painted in pixels.  The screen delivers a stark warning for people.  The heat is swallowing the world, technology winning over nature, artificial intelligence is taking over, and the once vibrant landscapes are replaced by machines. The projections whisper of a world where reality is blurred into the artificial, a cautionary tale of a future careening toward a chilling, mechanized unreality. The audience is warned of what can come if we don’t take care of our world.  The future looks dim and dark, if we don’t make a change.


Tutto Finto
Sol Ruiz • Lyrics
Fernando Perdomo • Guitar

     Anyway …

     Da qualche modo

     Anyway …

     Da qualche modo

     E …
     It’s …

     Una cosa ironica
     Its something ironic,

     Che io dicco Miami
     that I say Miami

     Che io conosco
     The Miami that I know



     E tutto finto
     Everything is fake

     Che io conosco
     What I know


     Che io dicco
     When I say



     E tutto finto
     Is fake


     E fuori del la naturaleza
     There is no nature

     Con la tecnología
     With technology

     E … non mi piace  
     I don’t like it


The connection to her heartbeat was lost, drowned out by the artificial sounds of the Aquaspheres. It echoed a silent plea for authenticity, a longing for a more genuine existence. Sol yearns to feel the pulse of life not through the filtered rhythms of technology but through the raw, unfiltered beats of her own heart.

Images flash in her head, projections on the screen of family records tucked away in a corner of her mind. Yellowed photographs, handwritten letters, and artifacts from a time before the world submerged. The screen projects images of her family portraits of Cuba and Miami in the years of 2000, the way it used to be. Images are shown of the history of Miami, buildings that have been demolished, Artdeco history and the Native Americans.   She went down a rabbit hole of memories.  She traced the lines of her family history, discovering tales of resilience, struggle, and the vibrant culture of a land long lost to the ocean’s depths.

It was a revelation that stirred a dormant ember within her, the spark of connection to something greater than the synthetic utopia that surrounded her. It was a portal to a forgotten era, a link to her roots buried beneath the waves. She hears her ancestor’s call and follows them through a portal.  The underwater portals are like wormholes, that take you to other times, and places.  She would trade all the technology in the world just to go out in nature for one day.  Miami 3050 fades, quickly as she ventures into the uncharted waters of the old world.

Sol, driven by the call of her ancestral heritage, goes through a wormhole portal and begins her journey.


Mis Ancestros

     Siento mis ancestros me están
     I feel my ancestors 

     Calling me

     Una voz por dentro
     A voice that 

     que dice que me tengo que ir
     tells me that I must leave

     A buscar mi rais
     And find my roots

     No soy de aquí no pertenezco 
     I’m not from here, I don’t pertain to 

     el tiempo
     this time

     Cierro los ojos y oigo mis
     Closing my eyes, I hear my


     Móntate en tu cohete
     Get on your spaceship and

     Y vete a buscar tu rais
     look for your roots

     Lejos de aqui
     Far from here

     Lejos de aqui
     Far from here

     Alli vas a estar feliz
     There you will be happy



Sol was searching for a way to connect to her roots, she wanted to hear her heartbeat.  She was looking for a deeper existence. Guided by ancient maps and stories passed down through her family records, she navigated the dark currents and overcame the challenges.  She rode in an underwater vessel, called a Hydro-Cohete,  Through the portal she ended up in a North African setting.  Sol got to a world unlike anything she had ever imagined.  A landscape from ancient Egyptian times, and even before that.

Here, Sol meets Charly Poe, The Octoman. Through his rhythm, Sol embarks on a journey of self-discovery, tuning into the heartbeat she had long forgotten. Charly, once unearthed as a fossil in a now-deserted ocean, was an octopus in his previous life. Having witnessed the transformation of the land, he now plays percussion to communicate with their ancestors in Africa and unite the heartbeats of people on Earth. Created in a laboratory, Charly devotes himself to musical experimentation, utilizing his beats to synchronize the universal heartbeat, connecting all life as one. With his octopus-like dexterity and remarkable intelligence, Charly aids Sol in aligning with the rhythms of her own heart, unraveling the world’s deception. It becomes clear to Sol that true understanding lies in disconnecting from the invasive influence of technology, rediscovering herself, and unlocking the power within.     


Sol Ruiz • Lyrics, melody, music, production

     Comunicado con mi gente  
     Communicating with my people

     Y me monto en mi cohete
     I jump in my spaceship


     No tiene GPS
     It has no GPS

     No confíes, no estrese
     It has no boundary, no stress

     Esto e, esto e, esto e genetico
     This is, this is, genetic


     Esto e, esto e, esto e genetico
     This is, this is, genetic

     Me conecto a mis ancestor
     I connect to my ancestors

     Me lleva otro universo
     It takes me to another universe

     Por un portal por un wormhole
     Through a portal, through a wormhole


     Esto e, esto e, esto e genetico
     This is, this is genetic

     Esto e, esto e, esto e genetico
     This is, this is genetic


     Y me monto en mi cohete
     I jump into my spaceship

     Me voy lejos
     I go far

     Me transformo y no regreso
     I transform and don’t return

     Y me monto en mi cohete
     I jump into my spaceship

     Busco mar y sol
     Searching for sea and sun

     Como el rio 
     Like the river 

     Busco mar y sol
     I search for sea and sun


     Esto e, esto e, nunca vuelvo
     This is, this is genetic

     Esto e, esto e, nunca vuelvo
     This is, this is genetic


     Y como puedo ser positiva
     How can I be positive

     Si todo lo que me rodea es 
     When everything around me is



     Con toda esta tecnologia
     With all this technology

     Nada natural todo AI
     Nothing natural Everything AI

     Ni el aire que se respira
     Not even the air we breathe

     Quiero comer carne de verdad 
     I want to eat real meat

     perderme en el pantano 
     Get lost in the swamp 

     con mi amigo tigre y cocodrilo
     with my friends Crocodiles And tigers


     Ya no tengo privacidad
     already don’t got privacy

     Ya me tiene calcula
     Already they calculating me

     Ya tengo mis brothers menos mal
     Stop, I have my bothers, at least

     que de esta muela me tiene que sacar
     From these lies I need an escape


     Y me monto en mi cohete
     I go into my spaceship

     Busco mar y sol
     Searching sea and sun

     Lo que necesito el mar y sol
     What I need is sea sun

     Y me monto en mi cohete
     I go into my spaceship

     Me voy lejos
     I’m going far

     Oye como el río
     Like the river

     nunca vuelvo
     Never return


     I will never return

     Through a wormhole

     Through a portal

     Never return



Sol continues her journey through the cosmic portal with her Hydro Cohete , swirling through the wormhole she is transported  from the heart of Africa to the heart of a picturesque Cuban Jungle.  In these untouched corners of Cuba where technology never arrived, time seems to have reversed, creating a magical retreat surrounded by mountains in a valley with a swamp.  The scene is a lively celebration, with pigs and chickens adding to the picturesque setting.  Once lost in the frigid artificiality of the Aquaspheres, she now finds herself grounded in the authentic cadence of her own heartbeat, signaling the commencement of her quest for a meaningful existence.  In this jungle, Sol begins to unearth her roots. Walking through the jungle, Sol encounters Rey Sugar nestled in his bohio, a rustic hut.  Wearing crocodile boots and vibrant colors, green, purple, and gold, echoing the hues of Sant Lazaro. Rey is the epitome of a true countryman, with his laid-back Santiaguero swagger, he strums his guitar and crafts Guarapo, sugarcane juice.   He is dressed with sugar cane sticks, and a sack of tobacco by his side. Rey personifies Cuban roots.

Observing from a distance, Sol sees Rey Sugar, a character already endowed with a unique superpower. His musical notes and positive energy sweeten the atmosphere.  As he takes center stage, positive vibration nymphs begin to dance around him with a mystical cup and a cowbell.  As he plays, his notes sweeten the atmosphere creating a trance.  His melodies put everyone in a trance that breaks out into a joyous dance lasting for days and nights.

As the jamming persists, the scene shifts to a dreamlike state where guarapo has taken effect.  The participants drink deeply, and the dream evolves into a philosophical exploration of reality. The audience is led into a contemplative space where the line between what is real and imagined becomes blurred. The dream unfurls as a tapestry of perspectives, challenging the boundaries of perception and questioning the nature of reality. Each viewpoint casts a different light, creating a narrative that invites reflection on the elusive nature of truth and the diverse roles we play in the grand spectacle of existence.

The scene is reminiscent of the creation story, “Dandole campana hasta la manana” is sung for seven transformative days.  The first day sees the transition from the dark of night to the emergence of light. The second day brings a surreal occurrence as guarapo rains from the clouds, turning the river into molasses. On the third day, an abundance of sugar cane stalks grows as high as the sky. On the fourth day, Rey’s musical power sends white granulated sugar into the heavens, transforming them into twinkling stars. Birds, fish, and all creatures partake in the sweet festivities on the fifth and sixth days. The week-long party sets a mesmerizing tone and the jam session continues on.


Sol Ruiz • Lyrics, melody, music, production
Rey Rodriguez • Lyrics, melody
Manuel Diaz • Lyrics, melody

     En caballo de Santiago
     On horseback from Santiago

     Un cowboy del pantano
     A swamp cowboy

     Con machete afilao
     With a sharp machete

     Raspadura Mr. Melao
     Sugar scraps, Mr. Melao


     Alli viene ese guajiro 
     There comes that country man

     con su swag
     with his swag

     Raspadura en su saco 
     Sugar scraps in his satchel

     ron y tabaco
     rum and tobacco

     Alli viene ese guajiro
     There comes that country man

     con su swag
     with his swag

     Endulzando el bohío Tocando 
     Sweetening the hut, playing 

     en el trio
     in the trio

     Pa ti traigo guarapo mama no 
     For you, I bring sugar cane 

     te me ponga sala
     juice, honey, don’t be bitter

     Pa ti traigo guarapo mama no 
     For you, I bring sugar cane 

     te me ponga sala   

     juice, honey, don’t be bitter 


     Cuando estoy en mi guateque
     When I’m in my jam

     No me formes brete
     Don’t bring me no fussin’

     No te me pongas sala
     don’t be bitter

     Cuando estoy en mi bohio
     When I’m in my jam

     Yo no quiero lio
     don’t want no fussin’

     No te me pongas sala
     don’t be bitter

     Monta mi caballo
     Ride my horse

     Este mi cohete
     This is my rocket

     Girls gone wild, así como
     Girls gone wild, just how I 

     quiero verte
     want to see you

     Polo Montanez con Clint Eastwood
     Polo Montanez with Clint Eastwood

     Everytime I see you, baby i feel good
     Everytime I see you, baby i feel good



     Tengo azuquita
     I have sugar

     Para ti mamita
     For you mama

     Lo que necesita
     I got what you need



     Cuando estoy en mi guateque
     When I’m in my jam

     No me formes brete
     Don’t bring me no fussin’

     No te me pongas sala
     don’t be bitter

     Cuando estoy en mi bohio
     When I’m in my jam


     No me formes brete
     Don’t bring me no fussin’

     No te me pongas sala
     don’t be bitter

     Cuando estoy en mi bohio
     When I’m in my jam

     Por el center field 
     Through the center field 

     Take me

     Llevame a Tu bohio
     Take me to your hut


     Dandole Campana Hasta La Mañana
     Hitting the cowbell, till the morning


Rey Sugar inspires Sol to delve deeper into the realm of self-discovery, encouraging her to unearth her inherent strengths by embracing her roots and making a connection with the land. He emphasizes the importance of confronting inner struggles related to insecurity and heartbreak. Leaving Sol to contemplate on her own, she sets forth on a personal journey, guided by the rhythmic cadence of her own heartbeat. In solitude, she confronts her internal conflicts, engaging in a process of purging self-doubt and feeling the weight of her misfortune, symbolized by crossed machetes, a sign of bad luck. Sol feels cursed and trapped in a cycle of inner pain that she perceives as a relentless battle similar to the historical conflicts between conquistadors and native Americans. The struggle unfolds within, as she wrestles with profound emotions and battles against the shadows of self-inflicted pain and depression.

As she stands alone, with her pain, she perceives her inner turmoil as a profound clash reminiscent of the historical injustices endured by native populations.  The weight of Sol’s emotional battles becomes a metaphorical landscape where the conquistadors symbolize her inner demons, imposing transformation on the vulnerable native Americans.  The conquistadors, driven by conquest and a desire for dominance, mirror the overwhelming forces of self-doubt, heartbreak, and insecurity that seem to conquer Sol’s emotional landscape.

The music becomes a metaphorical reflection symbolizing the struggle of this historical conflict.  A waltz between the conquistadors and her wild and native essence. The pain she experiences feels like an invasion, a forced attempt to reshape her identity.  There are battle cries representative of her emotional turmoil.  As Sol delves deeper into this metaphorical landscape, she confronts the echoes of the battles within herself. The conquistador within her, fueled by self-doubt and heartbreak, battling the native essence of her being. This introspective journey becomes a profound exploration of identity, resilience, and the quest for inner peace amid the tumultuous echoes of history and personal pain.


Machete Cruzado
Sol Ruiz • Lyrics, melody, music, production

     Machete cruzado
     Crossed machete

     Flecha con veneno
     Arrows with poison

     Disparo de AK en el cuerpo
     AK shooting through my body

     Tengo una espina atravesada 
     I have a splinter stuck 

     en mi corazón
     in my heart

     Desde que te vi
     Since I saw you

     Desde que te fuiste
     Since you left

     Tengo un dolor en el pecho
     I have a pain in my chest

     Transformaste mis dia felices
     You transformed my happy days

     Tengo un dolor en el pecho
     I have a pain in my chest

     Envolviste la noche triste
     You turning my nights to sorrow


Supported by her superhero friends, Sol receives encouragement to stand up and confront her negative thoughts. She comes to a realization that continually dwelling on self-doubt is holding her back. She recognizes the need to break free from this negative mindset.  As she rises to the challenge of her internal struggles, her friends believe her abilities become the driving force and a vital support system, aiding Sol in her journey to overcome her struggles.  Their strength reinforces the idea that she possesses the power within to change. Through their support, Sol begins to believe in her own capabilities and understands that she can stand up against the force of her negative thoughts.

In her journey, she encounters Alegua, a figure like Elegua, symbolizing the cyclical nature of life, the beginning and end.  He also signifies the opening and closing of paths. He shows her the way to a new path in life.  Alegua, uses his muse, the trumpet,to harnesses strength. The resonating frequencies of the trumpet absorb the sun’s energy, recharging Sol energetically. The empowering sound restores her inner strength, urging her to believe in herself.  As a symbol of fresh starts and new beginnings, the sun begins to rise, casting its light on Sol’s path. The emergence of light signifies not only the overcoming of internal struggles but also the dawning of a new chapter in her life.  A chapter defined by belief, strength, and the support of friends.


Sol Ruiz • Lyrics, melody, music, production
Julio Cesar Gonazlez • Music
Fernando Perdomo • Guitar
Alejandro Sierra • Trumpet

     Muevete, Muevete  (MOVE! MOVE!)
     You can’t give up, You wont give up
     There be times when

     the going gets tough
     In that moment you
     gotta step your game up
     Tu tienes la candela
     You have the fire

     En tu pecho tu lo lleva
     You hold it in your heart

     La sangre de una guerra
     The blood of a warrior 

     El coraje de una fiera
     The courage of a beast

     La fuerza de un gladiador
     The strength of a gladiator

     Rip the head off all these haters
     Rip the head off the haters

     Solo tienes que believe! believe!
     Only you have to believe! believe!


     dale dale sigue no pare
     Go go don’t top , get it 

     Coje tu machete como chango
     Grab your machete like Chango 


     Muevete, Muevete (MOVE! MOVE!)
     You can’t give up, You wont give up
     There be times when

     the going gets tough
     In that moment you

     gotta step your game up


     dale dale sigue no pare
     Go go don’t top, get it 

     Coje tu machete como chango
     Grab your machete like Chango 


La Fuerza Del Sol 
Sol Ruiz • Music, production
Alejandro Sierra • Lyrics, melody
Fernando Perdomo • Guitar
Alejandro Sierra • Trumpet

     Con la fuerza del sol
     With the strength of the sun

     Con los rayos de luz, la ilusión
     With the rays of light and the illusion

     Se abren mis ojos al despertar
     Open your eyes, wake up


     Bien profundo
     Very deeply

     Siento siempre 
     Feel it 

     Bien adentro 
     deep inside

     De mi corazon
     my heart




     La mañana es como los amigos
     The morning comes like friends

     Están todos unidos en la vida 
     They are united in life

     Dale palante asi, con confianza
     Go forward, with confidence

     Que este tu dia
     this is your day


     Vive tu momento
     Live you life

     Con el poder llevas dentro
     With the power you have inside

     Con la fuerza de tu alma
     with strength of your soul

     La fuerza en el universo
     And the strength of the universe



The characters find themselves at the heart of the sun, surrounded by the ocean. In this setting, Sol discovers her inner strength. Energized by the sun’s intense heat, molecules transform into thunder, resonating across the land.

Sol harnesses this newfound energy to transform the very atmosphere around her.  Using the power of light and energy, Sol becomes a force of transformation, expressing qualities of female virility, passion, and strength. She transforms and the characters name her Santa Barbara.  The radiant aura she emits echoes throughout the universe, and the characters, recognizing this transformative essence, give her the name Santa Barbara, as a symbolic representation of her newfound identity and the transformative journey she has undertaken. The machete, a powerful symbol embedded in her mind, embodies the essence of Chango. Chango, a deity associated with strength, courage, and lightning in Afro-Caribbean religions.  She harnesses the symbolic machete within her mind.  Cutting through the jungles of negative thoughts and energy and restoring light to the world, marking a triumphant return from darkness.  This metamorphosis signifies not only the renewal of the world but also the reclamation of Sol’s identity and purpose within the cosmic tapestry.

In this pivotal moment of revelation, Sol discovers her extraordinary superpower. Drawing upon the radiant energy at the heart of the sun, she becomes a luminescent force, infusing light and vitality into the atmosphere. She transforms and finds her super power.

As Sol embraces her superhero identity, the narrative takes on a vibrant and dynamic quality. Her presence becomes a symbol of hope and empowerment, a celestial force that defies the darkness and ushers in a dazzling era of transformation. The cosmos, once shrouded in uncertainty and a dark future are now emerging into a new era of light as her super power harnesses the very essence of the sun to illuminate the universe.


La Barbara
Sol Ruiz • Lyrics, melody, music, production

     yamaselovi chango
     Your name is Chango

     yamaselovi chango
     Your name is Chango

     Oboaraye onicuele
     Your power reaches the heavens

     Oboaraye onicuele
     Your power reaches the heavens

     Que viva Chango!
     Long Live Chango!


Sol stands up, she finds the power within.  She puts on an object to signify that she has become a superhero. The sun shines bright and thunder rumbles. She realizes she can’t look back, she must move forward!  Positive vibrations take over the land.    


Sol Ruiz • Lyrics, melody, music, production
Rey Rodriguez • Lyrics, melody, Guita

     Yo tengo lo mio
     I got mine

     Eso no es casualidad
     That is no coincidence

     Hablan los que quieran
     Say what you’d like 

     pero soy La Barbara
     but I’m the beast

     Si me tumban y me caigo 
     If they knock me down and I fall

     me vuelvo levantar
     I will get up again

     Pa’ la guerra con mi machete
     To the battle with my machete

     Pa’ la batalla estoy prepara
     I am prepared

     No hay quien me defina
     There is no one who defines me

     no tengo barrera
     I have no barrier

     La gente dicen de mi 
     People say

     que tu eres bandolera!
     She is a bandit!

     A mi no hay quien me aguante
     There is no one who can hold me down

     no hay quien detenga
     there is no one to who can stop me

     Me monto en mi cohete
     I jump in my rocket

     Y tiebla la tierra
     And the earth trembles     

     Yo sigo Palante 
     I continue forward

     No miro Pa’ tras 
     I don’t look back

     No me venga a comparar 
     Don’t compare me

     que yo no soy qual quiera
     I am not like anyone else

     No me venga a comprar
     Don’t try to buy me

     Con la billetera
     With your wallet

     El sol de la manana
     The morning sun

     alumbra mi camino
     Will light my way

     soy una luchadora
     I’m a fighter

     Porque es Mi destino
     Because this is my destiny


     Yo sigo Palante 
     I continue forward

     No miro Pa’ tras 
     I don’t look back

     Tu que creía que yo perdiera
     You believed that I would lose

     Tu que creía que yo perdiera
     You believed that I would lose

     Gane, gane,  gane,  fuera que 
     I won,  I won,  I won, get out cause 

     I won

     Que No me vengas con cuento 
     Don’t come here with your 

     mi socio
     stories partner

     Que No me vengas con cuento 
     Don’t come here with your 

     mi socio
     stories partner



Gathered in unity in the Milky Way, all the superheroes come together, discovering an unexpected connection from their roots weaving into the tapestry of the future. Their roots are the common thread that binds them together. Each superhero adorns a glowing harmony crystal,  A crystalline artifact infused with the essence of harmony. Each superhero contributes a unique element to the crystal, it activates a unified power that transcends their individual capabilities.

The heroes stand united, ready to confront the negative vibrations plaguing the world. Together, their combined strength becomes a formidable force, capable of combating the darkness that threatens to overshadow the universe.   Their music, a melodic orb of prosperity, becomes a transformative force that combats the looming shadows of evil. It is a powerful energy that creates  hope and resilience.  As the heroes harmonize, their unique abilities, their music resonates as a powerful orb, radiating positivity.  The symphony they create not only defends against destruction of the world but also becomes a beacon of hope, illuminating the cosmos.  In this cosmic alliance, the superheroes forge a bond that transcends time and space. Through their unity, they become the cosmic guardians, working in harmony to protect the universe from the encroaching forces of darkness. The elaborate dance of interconnected destinies unfolds against the vast backdrop of the Milky Way, a testament to the extraordinary power that lies in their unity, shared purpose, and the transcendent resonance of their harmonious music. 


Positive Vibration Nation
Sol Ruiz • Lyrics, melody, music, production
Manuel Diaz • Melody
Rey Rodriguez • Guitar

     Con la Tribu ‘tamos unidos
     With the tribe we are united

     in a Positive Vibration Nation
     in a Positive Vibration Nation


     Somos Tribu
     We are a tribe

     Tamos unidos
     We are united

     For the people
     For the people


     Con el corazón palante 
     Leading with our heart

     we go they need us
     we go they need us

     Desde que sol nos levante 
     Since the sun rises us 

     we are superheroes
     we are superheroes


     This is my team
     Making the moves 
     Living the dream


     Cruisin por el Milkyway 
     Cruisin down the Milky Way

     Take it easy que Nos vamos 
     Take it easy we are going 

     a otro nivel
     to another level


     Con la Tribu ‘tamos unidos
     With the tribe we are united

     in a Positive Vibration Nation
    in a Positive Vibration Nation

Sol Web
Sol Web


They embark on a shared spiritual journey, ascending to a heightened level of consciousness collectively. United in purpose, they undertake a mission to radiate their inner light, spreading enlightenment and positivity to the universe.


Sol Ruiz • Lyrics, melody, music, production
Rey Rodriguez • Guitar
Michel Ferrer • Piano
Alejandro Sierra • Trumpet

     I’m getting higher, Everyday
     Higher than an eagle
     I’m letting go of my ego
     Higher with my people
     We’re getting higher!

     Higher, Higher, Higher, Higher 
     Yea! were getting higher
     Stepping onto the next level 
     Looking at life with glass half full
     Rosie colored glasses
     The world is fantastic 

     The try to kick me down
     But I keep my head high
     Now I’m so high that
     I’m touching the sky
     Music’s all I got you see
     we are on a mission
     Every we get up,
     grateful for our blessings
     Right now, estamos aquí,
     on the sunny side
     This is my life
     And I’m gonna live it how I like
     Positive vibes all bullies aside
     Don’t fuss with me
     cuz my chakras aligned
     There’s no coincidence 

     My dreams are a reality
     I do believe one day the world
     will live in harmony
     Each day were one step
     closer to achieve
     A higher ground 

     Now I can’t stop, I dare you test me
     Hard like a rock , Mind like a hindi 
     strong like ox, Magic houdini 
     Got so my wishes I look like a genie 
     Moving fast, A Lamborghini 
     top of chain, fishies can’t eat me
     Top of the game, Cream of the crop 
     Don’t hold me back, this is on lock

     Higher Higher Higher Higher 
     Yea were getting higher
     Stepping onto the next level 
     Looking at life with glass half full
     Rosie colored glasses
     The world is fantastic 

Sol reflects on the entire journey, contemplating the substantial distance they’ve collectively traveled. In her introspective moments, a profound realization dawns upon her—despite the advanced technology of portals and wormholes, time remains unchanged.   Sol understands that we can not alter the past, acknowledging it as an unchangeable force.  She understands the actions taken in the present, reverberating into the future. Without intervention, we jeopardize what lies ahead.  Sol becomes aware that every action carries weight—everything matters because everything is a matter. This realization underscores the interconnectedness of actions and their lasting impact on the fabric of existence.


Everything Matters
Sol Ruiz • Lyrics, melody, music, production
Michel Ferrer • Piano

     Y me monto en mi cohete 
     And I ride my spaceship

     Es un googleplex
     It’s a googleplex

     De mundos paralela
     Of parallel universes

     Si yo pudiera
     If only I could

     cambiar el tiempo
     change time

     Si no hubiera Albert Einstein 
     What if there was no Albert Einstein

     no Columbus, Socrates, 
     No Columbus, Socrates, 

     no Confucius o Jesus 
     No confucius, or Jesus

     Si yo cambiara el tiempo
     If I could change time, 

     Con mi máquina del tiempo
     with my time machine

     Give me freedom
     Give me my freedom
     Give us freedom
     Give me my freedom

     Believe in yourself
     Forget about the wealth

     Y no te metes conmigo 
     Don’t study me

     when all you think about yourself

     When everything matters
     Cuz everything is matters
     And everything is everything

     I’m telling my story
     I’m telling his story, 
     I’m telling her story

     Miama del ayer
     The Miami of yesterday 

     El miami del presente
     The Miami of the present

     Venimos del futuro
     We come from the future

     Pero no tenemos apuro
     But we are not in a hurry

     Siento mi puro 
     I feel my father 

     cuando me fumo un puro
     when I smoke a cigar

     Y siento mis ancestros
     And I feel my ancestors

     Los siento muy dentro
     I feel them deeply inside

     And I gotta tell me story 
     this is my story
     Miami 3050

     Supernova in my veins
     Milky Way in my DNA
     Galaxies in my eyes
     Limitless My spirit flies 
     AI cant take my place 
     Strong as a hurricane

     Can’t upload me to the cloud
     My consciousness lives forever 
     The future is now



They return to the year 3050, witnessing the projection of a new dawn for the future. The superheroes, through their collective efforts, have successfully altered the present, thereby securing a brighter future. Their actions have breathed light back into the world, restoring Miami and the entire globe to a state of positivity. Birds soar through the fresh air, people radiate happiness, and the vibrant colors of nature have been reinstated to their former glory. The planet, once at risk, has been saved. Having glimpsed the potential pitfalls of unchecked technology, people have embraced a return to the natural order, finding themselves once again in an Eden of light and prosperity.


Sol Ruiz • Lyrics, melody, music, production
Julio Cesar Gonzalez • Piano, music
Alejandro Sierra • Trumpet
Rey Rodriguez • Guitar
Fernando Perdomo • Guitar

Frandavid Fuentes • Percussio

     Miami, Miami , Miami , Miami
     Frutta Tropica
     Miami, Miami , Miami , Miami
     Tropical  fruits


     Quiero caramelo de mil sabores
     I want candies of a thousand flavors

     Candelone con tostones!
     Oh my goodness!

     Guanaba, Banana, Dulce de guayaba
     Guanaba, Banana, Candied Guava 

     Guanaba, Banana, Dulce de guayaba
     Guanaba, Banana, Candied Guava 

     Quiero caramelo
     I want candy

     Que me pone melo
     That makes me melo

     Me sube hasta cielo
     It takes me up to heaven

     Como yo lo quiero
     Exactly how I like it

     Si tiene dame otro
     If you have one, give me another

     Super Pegajoso
     Super Sticky Icky

     Dulce deliciozo
     Delicious and sweet

     No seco, Juegozo 
     Not dry, Juicy



     pero, que bien se pasa, que 
     Hey how good it is, what a 

     buena vibra
     good vibe


     No me puedo quejar, que 
     I can’t complain hey what a 

     buena vida
     good life


     Americana y latina
     American and latin


     Que linda he la tierra mía
     How beautiful my land is 



The superheroes connect to their heartbeat, the rhythm that becomes the guiding force in their newfound identity.  As they discover the light within,  the light radiates becoming a beacon to illuminate the world.  The light within, harnesses its power for both for themselves and the world.

In this newfound radiance, they see themselves as children, reconnecting with the purity and authenticity of their inner spirit.  Sol rediscovers her spirit and unlocks the gateway to self-realization.  In conclusion, the key to reaching a profound level of understanding lies in unlocking the inner child and embracing the light. It becomes evident that self-love and unity with one’s inner essence are essential enlightenment.

The path to self-discovery unfolds through a harmonious integration of love, inner essence, and the pulsating heartbeat—a universal rhythm that echoes the core of their transformation into a superheros. Through this lens, the narrative becomes a poetic dance, a lyrical journey of awakening, and a testament to the profound beauty found within the beats of the heart.  The path to higher realization is found in coming from the heart, aligning with the heartbeat within, and embracing a harmonious oneness with oneself and the interconnection of the surrounding universe.


Come from the Heart
Sol Ruiz • Lyrics, melody, music, production
Rey Rodriguez • Lyrics, melody, guitar

     People try to control me
     Cookie cutter mold me
     But I’m a gypsy you can’t own me
     Can never duplicate or clone me

     I’ve seen it all and I paid my dues
     do what I want I break the rules
     Been through the pain and sacrifice
     Blood sweat and tears into
     everything I do

     Come from the moon
     Come from the earth
     reach for the stars

     Everything I do everything I do I
     Come from the heart 

     Guided by a gut feeling
     I Won’t say it if I don’t mean it
     In my mind got it repeating
     Believe it if I want to see it

     I Know what I want,
     yo se lo que quiero 
     I want the world, El mundo entero 
     Be a rockstar, Hasta el dia
     que me muero 
     Give it all I got porque
     no tengo miedo 
     I know what I want,
     te lo digo sin miedo
     I want the world,
     damelo entero
     Infinita, porque nunca muero
     De corazón porque esos es lo primero


Sol Ruiz • Lyrics, melody
Julio Cesar del Rio Perez • Producer
Julio Cesar Gonzalez • Synthesizer



Matt Ferrara

Matthew J. Ferrara

RHDT Make Believe rehearsal at MTC

Rosie Herrera: Faith, Magic and Make Believe

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Sanba Zao: Affirming Haiti’s Culture

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Migguel Anggelo: LatinXoxo

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Women immigrants take flight in Carla Forte’s Bird Woman

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