Guadaloupe-based Performing artists

Project: Biosphere – Dance Piece

Period: October 2019

During their residency, the artists developed their show “Biosphere”, which was presented in the Caribbean as well as during the Tout-Monde Festival here in Miami, but is still in progress. This three act-saga composed of « The Alpha », « Sapiens » and « The Omega », unites four hip hop, break-dance, and contemporary dance performers who interpret the formation of the Earth and the evolution of life, with a music reproducing the sounds of volcanoes, rivers and the passing of time, created by José Bertogal.

AIR at The Light Box

Miami Light Project supports the creative development and artistic process of emerging and mid-career artists in the fields of dance, theater, film and photography by providing resources and year-round space. During their residency, artists research, experiment, collaborate, facilitate dialogues, conduct master classes and develop work-in-progress showings with local artists and community at large.