Puerto Rican actor, writer and director based in Miami

Project: F/Punk Junkies – Dance Theater Production

Period: March and August 2020

F/Punk Junkies brings Teo’s continued development of an “AfroRican Punk” aesthetic to the forefront, which breaks away from the traditional Eurocentric proscenium theater, and brings performance back to the ritual and interactive circle. It intends to be a “time bridge” where aging, and/or heavier, culturally trained bodies of color dance to black punk music.

AIR at The Light Box

Miami Light Project supports the creative development and artistic process of emerging and mid-career artists in the fields of dance, theater, film and photography by providing resources and year-round space. During their residency, artists research, experiment, collaborate, facilitate dialogues, conduct master classes and develop work-in-progress showings with local artists and community at large.